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"The First Note" is an ideal tool for controlling your finances. Easy and intuitive, it allows you to manage Personal Accounting or Small and Medium Business.

You can keep your cash movements, cash, manage your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses with an immediate return on your earnings and outflows. From the program you can also download the activity reports and save them in pdf format. A software that allows you to track business resource trends and make it easier to update your journal.

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Why do you use the First Note?

By definition, the First Note is a revenue and output log of each transaction performed. It can be done by cash or by bank; So on the First Note sheet we have a table breakdown in cash and bank.

The document is needed when we want to understand how we spend our money, how we can optimize our savings and thus have extra economic security, or why we are planning a long-term investment.

It is useful to update the First Note daily reporting accurately all your transactions. Only in this way can we have a clear and complete picture of the entrances and the outputs. Very useful is the comparison with our current account where many times the costs involved do not get underestimated or underestimated.

What should I put in a First Note?

The commonly entered operations are:

  • Date of operation
  • Description of the operation
  • Amount of transaction
  • Document number if it is an invoice, receipt or postal bulletin
  • Future cash games are non-imminent transactions that will sooner or later be credited or debited by cash or bank. They are usually transfers, RIDs or checks. For example: If you have activated an offer with your phone carrier through a bank RID, normally you will be delivered before the invoice and then within days of the billing date on your account.
  • Delivered totals usually per month.

Sincronizzazione Prima Nota

The First Note synchronizes with Android, Windows, and iOS devices thanks to the reliability and power of the OneDrive cloud.

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